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Way Om
Seminars, Retreats, Workshops, ...

For Mira & Claude creating this lush place called Way Om, is a shared wish and heartfelt project! 

To stay in harmony with the elements Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether and with the past of the place inspires them.

In fact, Lentas was a special place of healing with powerful energies well-known in the ancient world during the Minoan era, as evidenced by the remains of the Temple of Asclepios.

That's why we invite creative, spiritual, imaginative people who respect and feel the vibes to attend or create courses and workshops.

We do organize and hold yoga-, painting-, dancing-, hiking-, cycling-,astrology - retreats, etc.

in Way Om!

Gladly on weekends or from Saturday to Saturday (all week). For quality reasons, all of our courses, seminars and retreats are limited to a maximum number of participants of 6 to 8 people. 

Check it out!

Malen, Yoga, Meditation Seminar

Painting, Meditation and Yoga in the Cretan sun

Date : from 22/06 to 29/06/2024
Language : German

Feeling colours with all senses - workshop with creative coaching by and with Anna Lamberz through meditation and yoga with Mira Roca facing the inspiring backdrop and vastness of the Libyan Sea and the wild nature of Crete.

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