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Take full advantage of the wonderful nearby beaches, the surrounding archaeological heritage, hiking or cycling, unspoiled nature with its endemic flora and fauna, its sumptuous panoramas, sunrises and sunsets with incredible colors.

Beaches nearby


The beaches of Diskos, Lentas, Petrakis, Hamam, Trafoulas and a little further Tripiti, Paralia Platia Peramata, Agia Farango, … During your walks along the coast you can see many dream coves, small secret coves with crystal clear water where you have the opportunity to be alone. If you don't want to walk too much, you can discover the magnificent coastline by boat to Agios Ioannis Monastery (contact us for your boat trips). There is also a dedicated dive instructor nearby if you are interested please ask us.

Archaeological sites


1.5 kilometers from Way Om, in Lentas, you can visit the Minoan Temple of Asclepios, an ancient healing center. It was built in the 5th century before Christ and was not only known in Greece but also in Northern Africa. Many ill and sick people have travelled there in search of healing..

Today you can see the ruins of the temple, the altar, the base of the statue of Asclepios, two marble columns and a seahorse mosaic.

It is a very special and powerful place !

Asklepios Tempel

The Minoan palace of Phaistos (Faistos or Festos), 25 kilometers away, in the south of the Psiloritis massif, is one of the most important archaeological sites in Crete, second only to Knossos (Cnossos).


Twenty kilometers away, Gortyna was founded in the mid-10th century BC. to the most important city in the region and replaced Phaistos. The most interesting monuments on the site are the remains of a fortified acropolis, the Temple of Athena, an ancient theater and the Odeon. You can also admire the famous and rare evergreen plane tree, which is said to have shaded the wedding guests of Zeus and Europa, and see the Code of Gortyna, also called "the Great Inscription", engraved on twelve pillars. These texts deal with matters of civil law and are extremely progressive and liberal. These are not only the laws of the Cretan city-states, but also the oldest code of Greek law. It is considered to be the greatest contribution of classical Crete to world culture.

Hiking, cycling, canyoning, climbing, diving


The 95-kilometer, E4 hiking trail, crosses Crete from East yo West and will seduce the most athletic among you with Mother Nature's beauty and diversity Don't let its length scare you, it is also possible to walk the trail in smaller sections.


There are many short hikes around Way Om that are accessible to all . You determine the length of your hike according to your abilities and wishes.

Wild and unspoiled nature, endemic flora, gorges, an easy walk by the sea, a short walk to admire the sunset, ... there is something for everyone.

Canyoning, climbing, diving, all this is possible.

We would be happy to give you our best addresses.

Crete has the most traditional European vineyards, made up of old grape varieties, their origins dating back to ancient times. The different Cretan varieties are: Mandilari, Kotsifali, Liatiko, Romeiko (for red wines) and Vilana, Vidiano, Dafni, Plyto, Thrapasathiri, Malvasia di Candia, Muscat of Spina (for white wines).

After admiring the sunset from your terrace while tasting an organic Cretan wine with homemade olives, you can have dinner in one of the many taverns, which include Diskos, Lentas and Tzigkounas.

We have many good addresses whether tavern, cocktail bar, disco, ..., do not hesitate to ask!

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